Your yield per square meter improves.

Producing the best strawberry plants to us is not a goal, but a means. It will increase your yield per square meter. Because we are producers ourselves, we make different choices during our growing process. Choices, that will be to your advantage. How do we deliver on that promise?

To see how, feel free to visit us for a tour around our greenhouses and tray fields.

The Jong Plants quality. (Our plants)

– 3+¬†bunches per plant –
– Good spread of bunches across the plant –
– Superior quality of strawberries –
– High yield per square meter –

Vision & Mission

We grow for your efficiency

Jong Plants is not about plants, but about their yield to our customers. Because we are experienced strawberry growers ourselves, we set the highest requirements for the plants we deliver. Jong Plants grows strawberry plants that realise the maximum yield per square meter, for big producers without propagation of their own. In the care of a professional grower, our plants will deliver constant, high yields at the highest quality level.

Our Mission

To supply the very best strawberry plants, adapting to the various annual circumstances, types of growing processes and weather conditions during propagation and production.

Working methods

The best in Quality and quantity

Offering the best product is more important to Jong Plants, than offering the lowest purchase price. This is why we produce strawberry plants with a good spread of bunches (3+ per plant). This way, each plant can yield many kilos of strawberries of the highest possible quality. We developed and tested these plants using our own tray fields and our on greenhouses.

Many of our colleagues have doubts about our yield per square meter. As we show you around at our company, we like to tell you more about our philosophy and our working methods.


Growing plants from a¬†groter’s perspective

Jong Plants was founded in 2016. But our experience in cultivating plants and growing strawberries goes back way beyond. As sister company to and owner of Jong Fruit, we have been around for decades, and we know all aspects of growing strawberries.

Starting in the 90s, we perfected growing strawberries on fields, in greenhouses and under assimilation lights, using formulas that we developed ourselves. This is how Jong Fruit can deliver the best quality, all year long.